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  • We Love the Ocean
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  • underwater filmproduction
  • 2D/3D animation
  • photography
  • graphic design
  • 360° Camera
  • Motion Graphics
  • Aerial/Drones

Reef Patrol's Projects

Please click on a thumbnail of a film & animation project, to get more details.


How much does it cost to travel Scotland in a Campervan?


Shutter Speed


KELDAN Spectrum Red Filter


KELDAN Ambient Light Filter


Perfect Buoyancy for Underwater Camera Housing


CURACAO - How much does it cost to travel to the Dutch Caribbean?


RENAISSANCE - Une histoire du corail Curacao


The Vepa Vava'u Ocean Initiative to preserve Tonga's Ocean


Creating Proxies in Adobe Premiere Pro - Ultimate editing time saver!


Choosing an underwater housing


Everglades - Beautiful Death


Diving in one of the most beautiful lakes!


THE AMAZING CORAL LIFECYCLE - from dusk till spawn


Great White Sharks - Guadalupe Island


GitHub "Coding to save our coral reefs"


World Oceans Day 2018


Coral Restoration Pilot Project


Drone/Aerial Showreel


ACE Award for Conservation Excellence

Film & 3D

Discover the Unknown Depths of Curaçao


Help rebuild Barbuda Island


Great White Morningstars - Sharks of Isla Guadalupe


GUAM - from Mantas to Coral Fluorescence


GEO Tag der Natur - Schüler experimentieren


Climate Change Resilient Corals of the Gulf of Aqaba - Eilat / Israel


DESIRE - Mexico Cenote Cave Diving


Help Save the Reef! WCS - wildlife conservation Society


Giving Coral Reefs a Future - Mexico


DJI Mavic Pro - out of the box flying


Saving the Mexican Elkhorn Coral


Kallweit Gatorboot GTB


How to film Coral Fluorescence

Making of / Tutorial

#EPICSHORT Series "The Everglades" - the Myth of Blackwater Sound

Epic Short

Reef Patrol Motion Graphics Logoanimation 2016


SECORE International - The Film


WEATHER – a Coral Nightmare


#EPICSHORT Series "Coral Fluorescence" - Episode 01 - Wall of Mouths

Epic Short

WAITT Institute "Blue Halo Barbuda"


Trailer - SECORE the film


Secretary Blenny - Sweet Fish


Kallweit's V-Warm SFT Artic Fleece

Product Film

#EPICSHORT Series “LAKE” – Episode 02 – Flashback

Epic Short

#EPICSHORT Series "LAKE" - Episode 01 - Labyrinth

Epic Short



a Coral Love Story


Cold vs. Warm Diving


Strasbourg - Astronomical Clock


BERLIN - let it snow


GLITCH - Hypnotized by Jellyfish


The Calmness of Koh Tao


glowing corals of the dark


Reef Patrol




TV Documentaries & Productions

We love to produce our own films, but contributing footage to great documentaries or projects are always a pleasure. Sometime we provide already excisting footage from our archive, but mostly we love creating new images for projects. There are some pretty amazing releases coming up soon, so stay tuned. Sadly we can't always show the clips online, as they are not public yet.

Renaissance : Une histoire du corail à Curaçao

Co-Producer & Camera

Length: 7 minutes
Channels: FILMFESTIVALS 2018/2019
Edit: Vincent Lavigne
Camera: Vanessa Cara-Kerr & Vicnent Lavigne
Production: will be online soon at Reef Patrol's Youtube Channe.

Wildes Elba

UW Footage

Length: 45 minutes
Channels: ARTE/BR/SWR/ORF/NDR 2018
Categorty: Documentary
Underwater footage: Vanessa Cara-Kerr / Reef Patrol

Die Karibik - Die Rückkehr der Blumentiere

2nd UW-Camera

Length: 45 minutes
Channels: ARTE/BR/SWR/ORF/NDR 2016
Author, Director and Camera: Bernhard Rübe
2nd Underwater Camera: Vanessa Cara-Kerr / Reef Patrol
Production: www.ruebefilm.de.

Wild Caribbean - Corals and Quetzals (International Version)

2nd UW-Camera

Length: 52 minutes
Channels: ORF/International 2018/2019
Author, Director and Camera: Bernhard Rübe
2nd Underwater Camera: Vanessa Cara-Kerr / Reef Patrol
Production: www.ruebefilm.de.

Expedition Reef - Planetarium Show

UW-Camera & Aerial

360° Photographs & Aerial Shots: Vanessa Cara-Kerr / Reef Patrol
Production: CAS - California Academy of Science
Screenings USA: CAS.
Screenings Germany: FULL DOME FESTIVAL.

Xenius Riffe, ein Lebensraum am Abgrund

UW Footage

Length: 27 minutes
Channels: ARTE/BR/ARD 2018
Additional underwater footage: Vanessa Cara-Kerr / Reef Patrol
Screening: air dates on ARTE.

Sur la Terres des Oranges

UW Footage

Categorty: Short Film
Client: Work in Progress Productions
Additional underwater footage: Vanessa Cara-Kerr / Reef Patrol
Screening: air dates will follow soon.

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Reef Patrol's Passion

This is what we do and love!


Underwater filmmaking and nature related documentaries is at the core of Reef Patrol. We use our passion for the reefs and oceans of this world, but we also love capturing anything else that may be exciting to film!


Do you have a story to tell, that is difficult to explain? We create animations for complex subjects, so anyone can easily understand them.


In many cases, a picture says more than a thousand words. And sometimes, all we need is a moment in time.

research & education

Curiosity and learning fuels our creativity to learn about the developments in the ocean and conservation industry.

About Reef Patrol

We love making underwater films and animations. We also love taking care of the reefs and oceans of our world. Though we are no researchers, scientists or biologists, we feel an obligation to contribute to this community, to our oceans, and to nature. We want to help preserve the wonderful underwater world of our planet. So our way of contributing, is to spread its beauty through filming, animations, photography and work together with (non-profit) organisations around the globe.

Our focus mostly lies in filming underwater and working for organisations that dedicate their work to the oceans of our planet. But as we are creatives, we love filming anything that is exciting and challenging - above or underwater. So if you may have inquiries, that are not ocean or wildlife related, feel free to contact us anyway. We are more than happy to help you out with any project you have in mind.
Often, when organisations have a project they are planning, they need to raise funds. Professional animations help to pitch your new project to a potential sponsor through visual representation. Your project may be already up and running, but filming can't explain the complexity of it? That’s when animations provide a way for you to easily communicate your core message to your viewer. And the best thing about animations: we design them according to your vision, budget and design guidelines.
We created a broad network of likeminded creatives, scientists, researchers, divers, organisations and manufacturers. This network enables us to collaborate on new projects, as well as educate ourselves about new and important matters in the film and conservation industry.

Who is Reef Patrol ?

V. Cara-Kerr

Producer & Filmmaker

C. Kerr

Content & Marketing

Reef Patrol's Fun Facts

Things you always wanted to know about Reef Patrol.









Reef Patrol's Network & Partners

Reef Patrol is always intersted in collaborating with other creatives, communities, organisations, manufacturers and interesting people. The main goal is to help preserve the ocean & nature and to enjoy what we are doing whilst having fun diving, filming, travelling and exploring the world. Here is a list of partners and people we would like to thank for their support:

Kallweit is the leading german custom drysuit manufacturer - and they keep us warm at all times!

SECORE international is known for worldwide coral reef conservation through research, education, outreach, and restoration.

Waitt Institute - Empowering communities to restore their ocean. Using the ocean without using it up.

Keldan Lights have been with us on many dives and the quality is outstanding! We love the Blue Modules for Coral Fluorescence.

Steam2Sea's EcoConscious and Biodegradable Skin Care products are rigorously tested for aquatic toxicity so that we make a difference for our planet's waters.

The Wildlife Conservation Society wants to conserve the world's largest wild places in 15 priority regions, home to more than 50% of the world's biodiversity.

Silence of the Sharks is a huge protest campaign that was launched in 2015 and is held yearly. It is a massively important event for shark conservation around the world.

Scubashooters is a community of professional and amateur photographers from all over the world, with a great passion in common: the underwater photography.

UW Camera Store have been our go-to place for film equipment. As you know, in filmproduction there is always something you need "yesterday" - they have never let us down!

Actionpro have provided us with some great (underwater) action cameras that we are currently testing.

Dive Curaçao is the #1 Resource for scuba diving & snorkeling on the beautiful Dutch Caribbean Island of Curaçao. Discover Curaçao, a 360 degree kaleidescope of color and life awaits you just below the waterline!

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